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"Everybody should believe in something. I believe I’ll go fishing."
-Henry David Thoreau, 1872 - 1939


"We love our Captains…and we already know they are the best!"
Woody and Jan Storey, Evergreen, Colorado July 2012

Omg Mermilicious!!!! We are actually sipping coffee at a hotel in Lake Louise British Columbia on a motorcycle ride reading this email aloud!!! Holy COW as you say. We are absolutely thrilled for you all!!!! Woody was floored and it couldn't have happened to a better team. We love our captains...and we already know they are the best!!

"Congratulations!!!!! Wow!!! What a Catch!!!"
Chris Kugel, San Diego, California, July 2012

Your Awesome "A" Team really did it! You all deserve a great win and you got it. We are all so very happy for you. The Kugels, Waznys, Dunns, Lopez, and all the other folks who have the privilege to fish with you!!!! Again, congratulations on your EPIC win.

"Well, what can we say...another EPIC day on the Awesome!"
Tim Galli, June 2011

Well, what can we say...another EPIC day on the Awesome.
We ran North for just under two hours, until we spotted the porpoise. Right away Jeff Kelley of San Dimas, Ca. landed several Tuna in the 50lb class. Notlong after that the 180 lb Tuna ate two fly lined sardines at the same time. We actually thought we had double hook up. Dave Trevino and Tom Schaffer of Fontana Ca. pulled on it for about 30 mins, when Tom had a fighting belt issue and I stepped in. We had the fish in shortly after that. We caught a few more 50 lb Tuna nad decided to look for Marlin.

The Crew are building quite the reputation here at the Rancho Leonero Estates. We are looking forward to many more great days on the Awesome.

“After today, we have fish stories, REAL BIG ones!"
Gerry Perez, San Diego, May 24, 2010

Theresa, even though we all have our own boats in San Diego and fish here in the East Cape often, we never thought we’d catch and release SIX marlin on the same day. Your Awesome team rocks. After today, we have fish stories…REAL BIG ones!

"We had a great tournament at Rancho Leonero this weekend, and eventually won it!"
Tim Galli, Rancho Leonero, May 22, 2010

We had a great tournament at Rancho Leonero this weekend on ‘Awesome’, and eventually won it! 
Are you taking reservations through May of next year? We would like to reserve your boat next May 19,20,21 of 2011. Thank you for a good trip!

"It would be hard to duplicate the fun we just had on the Too Awesome
Carlee Rauber, Casa Vieja, April 29, 2010

Dearest Theresa, It would be hard to duplicate the fun we just had on the TOO AWESOME The blending of the two groups was perfect and the captain was delightful and so helpful!!  The day perfect and the lunch destination at the Gran Sueno amazing.  We even got a tour of the resort compound!!! Oh MY GOSH! What a place! Thank you for being patient and getting a group together for us! Thanks so much again, as always, Carlee Rauber, Casa Vieja 

"The Kids said it was the best thing they did on the entire trip!"
Todd Lemmon, Esmeralda, April 3, 2010

That was a really fun trip on the water with you, Theresa. The kids all said it was the best thing they did on the entire trip.  The ‘Too Awesome’ even out graded the swimming with the Dolphins in Cabo, the Santiago water fall, numerous quad rides and all the other things we did to keep young teenagers busy, all too many to list.
Quite an accomplishment – awesome, actually!